Desoto Baseball Organization (DBO) will work to instill requisite character traits and baseball skill, that inspires our players to reach their full potential as people and players alike... DBO believes, their efforts will earn each athlete respect from

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Effective Monday, the city of Desoto and DBO will begin sending monitors to the fields to verify players who are on the fields have registered and paid both city fees (Energy Maint/Sports ID) with city of Desoto. 

Because of the newness of the ordinance, requiring the $10 Energy Maintenance Fee, the city of Desoto is only setup to verify PAID through each child visiting the recreation center.

Yes, if they have an active card from basketball or any other sport, it's still good for baseball. The issue is, the Sports ID cards are now tied to the maintenance fees and basketball players didn't pay one. It was only approved in December, activated in January. WE ARE THE FIRST SPORT TO PAY IT!

Having them come to the fields today, pay a staff to assist us in closing the deal, give us access to the fields and snack bar like never before and listen to DBO's issues is too valuable to lose!

We are asking each coach to please get your team's players to the recreation center. They will verify your information, issue ID cards if needed.

Each coach, along with DBO’s Board of Directors’ members, will ensure all players are registered with the city of Desoto.

Moreover, ea
coach is required to possess the following items, at all times, when operating on Desoto fields:
  1. DBO or USSSA Roster
  2. Copy of Sports ID Cards
  3. Copy of Coach’s Certification
  4. Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate

Coaches will not receive certification without having gone through the required background check.