Desoto Baseball Organization (DBO) will work to instill requisite character traits and baseball skill, that inspires our players to reach their full potential as people and players alike... DBO believes, their efforts will earn each athlete respect from

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DBO Adopts USSSA's Policy on Abuse & Molestation
DBO'S will not tolerate any types of abuse of children whether sexual, physical, verbal or otherwise.
Perpetrators will be handled in accordance with local laws and USSSA rules.

While at USSSA sanctioned athletic events, rules of play will be in accordance with applicable rules, laws and local statutes. Because USSSA is not an organizer, it does not, in any way take responsibility for the creation, management or any other activity of the teams (customers) that register to play in USSSA sanctioned leagues and/or tournaments. That said, were DBO to organize a tournament, parents would be encouraged to be watchful and report any suspicous activity while at DBO sanctioned events. We encourage parents of youth team participants, the adult team participants, the community organizations who are involved in the organization, to investigate and screen the background and character of the individuals who coach, manage, volunteer or otherwise come into contact with such teams and their minor participants.